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FA Coach Mentor Mike Nolan has kindly allowed us to share his thought provoking coaching resource titled “taking the lid off the tin”. In the article, Mike details how coaches should dive deeper into a session topic when planning sessions ‘The Future Game’ – Taking the lid off the tin MN – have a read and let Mike know what you think via his Twitter page @coachingboard

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Tactical Regurgitation


By Tony Earp

What is most important? Teaching young players individual skills or a tactical understanding of the game? It is a debate many coaches have, and often a stark contrast you can see between two teams when they play against each other. Although both sets of coaches want their players to be successful, there may be a difference between WHEN they want their kids to have success and the type of “tactics” being taught.

So, what is more important? Simply, it is not one or the other. The answer is both are important, but too often, it is the “tactics” that takes precedent over skills.

It is critical young kids develop necessary skills to play this game in order to be successful later on. If you cannot control the ball, you do not have a mastery of the skills, you cannot play this game to your full potential. With…

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Transition By Ian Barker NSCAA

Video post by @Soccer4coaches.

Source: Transition By Ian Barker NSCAA

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Selecting a theme

Theming your Year Part 2 – Selecting a theme Jeff Mitchell In this article I am going to explain how to select a theme for your year. To do this you must first take a step back, however, and …

Source: Selecting a theme

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Coaching In The Game -First Touch Technical To Tactical

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Source: Coaching In The Game -First Touch Technical To Tactical

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Dribbling Development

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Score In Shoot-outs

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Mental Training Is A Key Part of Training

Mental Training Resources Available from the NSCAA

Posted by NSCAA on Mar 10, 2015 in Education0 Comments

When a skilled player is struggling to produce on the field, the issue could be a mental roadblock. The NSCAA has numerous articles and resources coaches can use to help players regain confidence in their on-field abilities.

For starters in the Online Resource Library is an entire section dedicated to psychology, including “Mental Toughness for Coaches and Players.” The article offers ways for coaches and players to acquire and teach mental toughness. Other mental training articles available for download include:

Make Mental Training Part of Physical Training

Top 10 Guiding Principles for Mental Training

A Player’s Ability to Focus and Adjust

Coaches can also take advantage of several past posts on mental training. A series of posts provided by Dan Abrahams, a sport psychology consultant who specializes in soccer, provides different outlooks on what can happen with athletes’ mental state.

Abrahams: The Importance of Training the Individual

The Challenge State: Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable

Abrahams: Help Your Players Experience Confidence

[+] More Articles

Mental training is not just for players, but also for coaches and parents. For coaches, the offseason is a time for rejuvenation and also an opportunity reflect and make changes. In a February 2014 article, Positive Performance’s Lindsey Wilson discusses how coaches can use meditation to deal with stress, find balance, and sleep better. [+] Read that article here  | More from Positive Performance

NSCAA Member Club, Tennessee Soccer Club, provided an article for parents on how they can be mentally tough for the sake of their players and coaches. [+] Read “Tennessee Soccer Club: How Parents Can Be Mentally Tough”

Physical talent is just a part of what it takes to be skilled player. It also takes the ability to exercise the mind and temper emotions to get over certain hurdles.

More from the NSCAA

February 2015’s Most Popular Online Resource Library Articles

The Importance of Proper Nutrition and Resources to Help Educate

Vitamin D: More Than Just Strong Bones


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Top 5 Soccer Training Activities To Improve FAST      #soccer #training

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