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10 mistakes of a beginner coach – Part 1

Originally posted on Coach Growth:
Part 1 of 2 Jeff Mitchell – Community Coach Advisor – Sport Auckland / GACU Making mistakes is an important part of developing as a coach. Which is good, because as a beginner coach I made…

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Emotional intelligence

Originally posted on Coach Growth:
Emotional intelligence Jeff Mitchell – Community Coach Advisor – Sport Auckland / GACU Coaching is a relationship between the coach and their players; the degree to which a coach influences their players is dependent upon…

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How To Lobby You Local Politician For Better Soccer Facilities In An Election Year

Originally posted on soccerspeakusa:
Many club volunteers and board members have asked me directly in one way or another how they get in front of a politician to plead their case for more fields, better infrastructure and more money. The…

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You win some, you lose some – the value of consistency and randomness

Originally posted on Chocoladebeen:
The new buzzword in Dutch football is “ondergrens”, which means something like lower limit. Managers want to raise their team’s lower limit or complain when they “sink below it”. If only their teams would be more…

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Inside Outside Foot Control + Conditioning

Touches, touches, touches plus a dynamic warmup before stretching. I like this process!

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Second Goal By Brazil Is Right From The Training Ground

Our youth team and probably your youth team have worked on this one. So simple, so elegant but requires perfect timing and of course accuracy.

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Lee Fielden’s Training Drills and Games Manual. Fantastic. Download it Now!

Check out this training manual at Lee Fielden assembled this and it is truly amazing.   “This booklet contains a selection of games and drills which will hopefully help keep training sessions fresh and entertaining for both coach and … Continue reading

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NSCAA 6v6 Methodology

Coaching within the game versus emphasis on drills makes this a dynamic way to coach and players to learn

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Some of the best goals you will ever see!

Just amazing skill. Top goals!!

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Sportsmanship. Is this one of the finest displays you have ever seen?

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